Trans Nzoia: Nurses decry lack of support from county government

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 17:07 |

Nurses union in Trans Nzoia has slammed the county government for failing to provide its members with protective gear and other equipment to help them in their line of duty when handling patients with ailments and signs related to the COVID-19.

Through their leader Willy Sifuna, the nurses say some of them have been asked to reuse surgical masks and face shields, and are even sharing them among themselves.

" I am seeing a scenario where nurses are going to be faced with a difficult decision of choosing between their jobs or their personal and their family's health and safety," said Sifuna.

Sifuna said Nurses had expressed grave concerns about the lack of needed equipment and wondered why the supplies that were reported to have been delivered haven’t been issued to the medical personnel.

‘’Nurses and other health care providers need the right tools to defeat this pandemic—that includes accurate, transparent information about the resources available at both the private facilities and the government owned," said Sifuna.

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