Trans Nzoia: Nominated MCA Wanjala distributes face masks, sanitisers

Friday, April 24th, 2020 00:00 |

By David Musundi

Trans Nzoia county assembly nominated MCA Margaret Wanjala has challenged the national government  to provide face  masks to all  Kenyans as the war on the Covid-19 pandemic hots up countrywide.

She raised concerns about the higher prices of face masks and the unregulated manner in which many traders were selling the essential items to the most vulnerable  Kenyans already unable to work and fend for their families.

"The prices of the face masks is so high such that the poor people cannot afford. The unregulated manner in which hawkers are selling the face masks is worrying .The National government must move with speed and assist Kenyans in the war on coronavirus," said the MCA.

Speaking to the People Daily at the Kitale Posta grounds after distributing face masks and sanitizers to vegetable, fruit and cereal vendors, the MCA said the public health department of the ministry of health must  clear the air on how the masks used to protect the masses against the virus are being made.

Wanjala said she will be sponsoring  a motion in the county assembly where  she is seeking to have the county government of Trans Nzoia compeled to provide all residents of the county  with free masks and sanitizers.

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