Trans-Nzoia churches ask State to relook age limit in reopening rules

Monday, July 13th, 2020 22:23 |

Trans Nzoia churches say the harmonized regulations suggested by the inter-faith council however need to be re- looked into to allow those above 58 years to be allowed access to places of worship .

Speaking after the church at the Shekinah glory missions centre in Kitale, the church head Bishop Benjamin Tanguli said the Proposed inter faith council  regulations were not in tandem with the spiritual nourishment of the nation and called for their relaxation.

'' We held our first Church service with 15 people in attendance due to the strict rules but come next Sunday we will have a larger number in conformity  with the protocols put in place towards  re-opening of churches'', he said.

He said many pastors preaching In mainstream churches had agreed to observe the protocols which he said could non  the less see mega  churches with over 2000 faithfuls be emptied due to fear of reprisals.

He called for clarification on restrictions of pastors and Bishops who are already 58 years old and called for their exemption from the rules since putting a ban at  them would sound unfair.

'' Stopping  a 58 and above year old member of the collar from accessing the place of worship is doomed and the sooner we get clarification on the subject the better since we are seeing the elderly visit supermarkets and other places without restrictions'', he said.

“We are calling for personal and community responsibility. Let us embrace creativity and innovation in our services,” he said.

He  urged fellow members of the clergy to support the president in  ensuring that congregants observe all guidelines put in place by the ministry of health, saying that is the only way to keep coronavirus out of Kenya.

“We are hereby sending a passionate call and challenge to church leaders to know that coronavirus is real and there is a need  to treat the matter seriously so that we don't get judged for not standing to advise our members'', said Bishop Tanguli.

Bishop Anthony Maurice Crowley of the Kitale Catholic Diocese said all catholic churches will be opened next sunday and told the faithfuls to keep safe distance, sanitize and put on face masks.

'' All catholic churches will resume next sunday with strict adherence to all guidelines issued by the ministry of health. My fear is that some of the rules especially on those aged 58 and above from accessing places of worship will affect many'', said the prelate.

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