Trans Nzoia: Assembly to delay passing of the 2020/2021 budget estimates for 14 days

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 00:00 |

By David Musundi

The executive arm of Trans Nzoia county has been dealt a blow by the legislative arm which has put a caveat on passing of the 2020/2021 budget estimates for 14 days until and after an occupational certificate of the Trans Nzoia  county teaching and referral hospital is made available.

Budget and appropriation committee chairman David Kisaka while reading the Trans Nzoia county  government’s 2020/2021 budget estimated at Sh8.3 billion  said the department will however give Sh5 million for blood transfusion services  and another Sh5 million towards preventive services.

The committee however observed that the allocation towards completion of the county teaching and referral hospital will not be disbursed.

"The committee has directed that the Sh117 million grant on Covid-19  should have a special account to be opened on the same to avoid pilferage. We will have this caveat put into strict observance until the executive issues a satisfactory answer in fourteen days," said committee chairman David Kisaka.

Committee vice chairperson Milca Sugut however said the committee had recommended cancellation of a Sh38, 000,000 contracts to Kwanza sub county hospital which was done contrary to the public finance management (PFM) act.

The county public service board was among the biggest winners after their mortgage of Sh52, 850,000 was enhanced by Sh10, 000,000.

The committee said the appropriation bill stood suspended for 14 days pending the governor’s approval, citing the lands, public works and health for contempt after failing to honor settlement of pending bills.

"In the health department for instance no pending bills have been settled yet there seems to be no funds. The Sh 38 million contract awarded to someone at kwanza sub county hospital has raised an audit query," he said.

Nominated MCA Margaret Wanjala was optimistic that the budget allocations if approved by county governor Patrick Khaemba will help in the fight against coronavirus.

She said there was an urgent need to help the governor finish and equip the Trans Nzoia County Teaching and referral hospital to be able to deal with any upsurge in cases in case the curfew and lockdown is uplifted.

Economic expert Robert Wanjala however faulted the budget saying the sh. 7.3 billion allocated for personal emoluments, operations and maintenance in addition to development was too much and needed to be amended

Wanjala commended the consultancy and construction works so far done which he said were 90 percent complete and asked the MCAs to remove the caveat and approve the budget to enable the hospital's completion.

''A valid contract was awarded to the consultancy firm and the contractors who have done 90 percent of the work. A certificate cannot be produced until the project is complete unless someone has a sinister motive," Wanjala said.

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