Trans Nzoia: Activists want county askaris arrested for ‘torturing’ locals

Monday, April 13th, 2020 15:32 |

By David Musundi

Civil society organizations in Trans Nzoia County  are demanding for arrest and prosecution of the county enforcement officers who are allegedly torturing members of the public.

Speaking to People Daily on Sunday, the human rights activists sited a case in Kitale town where a person was beaten up and dragged down on tarmac road in the glare of cameras.

The civil organizations say what transpired in Kitale amounted to  torture and those found culpable should be punished.

"The torture  of an innocent man, who was accosted, beaten up with rungus, metal bars and dragged down on tarmac road daytime in the full glare of cameras amounts to an intention of  killing of innocent members of the public. That was not law enforcement at all," said Kefa Were.

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