Training from home? Here’s how to do it without problems

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 00:00 |
Harambee Stars strength and conditioning coach Mikael Ingedia (centre) takes the national team players through their paces during a past training session. Photo/PD/DAVID NDOLO

With the current coronavirus pandemic stalling all sporting activities in the world, athletes have been left to train on their own and Kenya is not spared.

However, experts are warning that this could be detrimental if not properly done.

Harambee Stars strength and conditioning coach Mikael Ingedia, says the fact that there is freedom on the part of the players means the risks could outweigh the gains if the time is not well utilised. 

Ingedia suggests an athlete should draw his own plan to stay healthy all through especially since there is no timeframes on when the coronavirus pandemic will end.

“Athletes must ensure there is no laziness because that is the greatest danger. It is important to draw up a small training plan which can be effected without strain at the confines of their homes.

The muscles must be kept busy but with light body work which will cut out things like fat and liquids,” says Ingedia.

“This can only be achieved with discipline and peace of mind of the body since this situation with us can very well affect thought process and the mentality of an athlete.

I would recommend reading, sleep and a little bit of basic exercises as essential forms of relaxation.

Online tutorials are a good tool for those at home so that they are enlightened,” adds Ingedia, a certified Sports Scientist trained in England and Finland.

The Kenyan-Fijian has worked with the national football team for close to five years and in the process observed many grey areas that need addressing.

“I feel our sports bodies are not well conversant with the input and impact of sports scientists who play a critical role in the development and wellbeing of players.

There should be more investment in that area by government and other bodies so that we are at par with the best,” he says.

He goes on: “Our universities have a key role to play in ensuring that we have individuals who have good theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of sports science.

We have to remember that for maximum and optimum player performance, these things are an absolute necessity.”

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