Top Mt Kenya Kanu officials caution party asset grabbers

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 16:16 |
Joseph Njung’e Mukirai

Top Kenya African National Union (KANU) officials from Mt Kenya region have raised concerns over irregular sale of party assets by unscrupulous officials.

Led by the regional chairman Joseph Njung’e Mukirai and organising secretary Kennedy Wainaina, the officials claim some greedy office holders are colluding with cartels to sell off party houses and plots.

The two have now asked county governments across the country as well as regional commissioners not to sanction any transfer of Kanu properties.

All transactions, they said, must be approved the party national chairman Gideon Moi, and respective bonafide elected leaders in every region must authorise party affairs and businesses.

Mukirai, warned those disposing off party properties that the same have inventories and hence are easily traceable.

He said plans of rejuvenating the former ruling party were at an advanced stage adding that the same would start by reclaiming all grabbed party properties.

“We will soon embark on reclaiming party properties particularly offices and then rehabilitate them by painting them,” said Mukirai, in a press statement.

He was recently made Moi’s pointman in helping to steer efforts to revive Kenya’s grand old party in Mt Kenya region.

Kanu national office, he added, had remained functional all along and only some regional offices had slumbered particularly in the central region.

“The party is very vibrant particularly in the Rift Valley and parts of the North Eastern and we are determined to follow suit and revitalise it in Mt Kenya,” he said.

He appealed to Mt Kenya party leaders to start recruiting party members and potential candidates ahead of the 2022 general election.

“Kanu will be the party to watch in future and thousands of people will stream into it in droves and that’s why we should start preparing ourselves in advance,” he said.

Mukirai said the party would form coalitions with others to win the 2022 Presidential seat, adding: “Kanu is the only party with structures in every corner of the country such that if we happen to call for a national meeting, no duplication of officials can be encountered.”

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