Top central politician bid for presidency, region kingpin opposed

Friday, October 2nd, 2020 19:29 |

Central region politician fighting for acceptability

A politician from Central Kenya is struggling to gain acceptability among the electorate after his bid for a State post was opposed by many personalities from the region who view him as a spoiler.

On Monday, a shouting match at an expensive eatery on Kijabe Street saw bodyguards of some of the populous region’s lead politicians step in to defuse a situation that was getting out of hand.

The flamboyant politician was heard making reference to some of the leaders in the country for the bid aimed at curtailing his ambitions for a top seat.

Youths plot to malign leader nipped in the bud

A plot by several youth groups in the country to organise a meeting with a leading political leader was scuttled after word went out that they planned to play a con game on him.

It emerged earlier in the week that the groups, with fictitious memberships had schemed to visit the senior politician’s home for freebies and cash.

It further came out that after the meeting the youths, drawn from existing opposing political parties were to create a scene and trash property in the name of getting a raw deal. The politician’s advisers acted fast.

Murmurs great Kenya’s biggest sporting event

Finally in the sporting arena, murmurs of favouritism and unfair selection of workers and field officials to be part of Kenya’s transition to a major athletics organisation hub.

The matter, that was not discussed with the officials was said to have been a ploy by some of the agitated local officials crying over sour grapes.

AK officials on the other hand dismissed the matter as a non-issue, despite the fact the officials have written protest notes, trying to besmirch the event that is expected to draw international participants from across the globe.

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