Together we can win war against coronavirus pandemic

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe (third left) with Covid-19 recoverees Brenda Cherotich (third right) and Brian Orinda (second left) at Afya House. Also in the picture are Health PS Susan Mochache (second right), Head of Department of Infectious Disease at KNH Loise Achieng’ and KNH Chief Executive Evanson Kamuri (right). Photo/PD/NICHOLAS NTHENGE

Amid anxiety, uncertainty and fear, the confirmation on Wednesday that the first two coronavirus patients—Brenda Cherotich and Brian Orinda—had fully recovered, was not just another news item on the deadly respiratory flu. 

It provided a glimmer of hope that this virus—that has tossed the whole world and humanity into unprecedented spin yet to be seen since the 1918 Spanish flu—can be conquered. 

The deadliest influenza in human history infected 500 million people and claimed an estimated 25 million. 

Experts are warning that unless the Covid-19, which has infected close to a million people and so far claimed 50,000 lives, is controlled, its global fatality numbers could hit 20 million.

This is alarming. It is a battle that every individual is called upon to take personal responsibility and fight with passion and conviction.

 The virus must not just be stopped but defeated. This is why Kenyans—led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the medical fraternity—celebrated Brenda and Brian recovery. They now join, the more than 195,000 people who have beaten the disease.

 We laud the measures, including enhanced screening and testing, the dusk-to-dawn curfew and safety information being sent out to the public, that the government has put in place to stem spread of the virus.

The media, too, has done a commendable job in keeping the public informed and updated on how to keep safe.

Unfortunately, for some members of the public, the gravity of what confronts us is yet to sink. There are too many people, who are flouting social distancing and stay home guidelines, which are said to be most effective tools to stop the Covid-19. 

 For the doubting Thomases—and the ignorant—they need to watch the devastation the virus is causing in countries such Italy, the United States, United Kingdom and Spain, which have established health systems and technology.

 And the fact the disease is moving to counties with weak health systems, large population of elderly people and cultural practices that are inimical to social distancing, is even more worrying. With the current trajectory in confirmed cases, the next 30 days will be a make or break. 

It is, therefore, be important to obey to the Health ministry guidelines to stop virus spread. 

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