This is why Martin Kimathi is your ultimate fashion guru

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 00:00 |
Fashion enthusiast Martin Kimathi.

MARTIN KIMATHI is a model, TV host and a huge fashion enthusiast. He is a favourite to many, mainly because he is fashion-forward with a unique style. He chats with CHEBET KORIR about everything on his rage

How does your work as a TV presenter influence your sense of style?

It has been a long journey, but I have seen my fashion sense evolve immensely, plus its part of giving my all.

I love what I do and a lot of people are watching, so I have to make it look the best. As a screen person, image matters a lot and that’s why I pull every effort to look good.

Do you dress up for yourself, the fans or viewers?

On TV, I dress up to what our viewers would be impressed with; we cool like that. The other times I do it for me, but it depends highly on the occasion. But whichever the circumstance, I have to dress up good.

How has it been working with the likes of international fashion house Mango and Coca-Cola?

It has been great! Working with Coca-Cola in Coke Studio Africa TV show as an influencer gave me an opportunity to interact with so many people and also made me appreciate and learn how dope African designers are.

I have always known they existed, but my interactions at the show scaled everything I knew.

Working with Mango, on the other hand, made me realise new elements of my taste; the smart casual. This really impressed and inspired me to become better.

How do you settle on a look when getting dressed in the morning?

Variety of things come to fore. I give considerations to factors such as the weather, my general mood and the activities lined up for me. Comfortability at the end of the day is key and I make sure I don’t compromise on it.

How does your style reveal your personality and lifestyle?

I love cleaning up nice. It’s a thing that cheers me up and those around me can relate with. When dressing up well, I feel more confident with myself and anything else I get to work on.

So, in two words, how can you describe your style?

I call it ‘Special Vibes’. Does it make sense? I know it does... Ha-ha.

So, how do the right or wrong clothes affect one's image?

A lot of people are yet to realize that one’s look is an important element of life. Protect and love your image because it’s part of your self-worth. So, you have to make sound decisions when it comes to what you wear, because it may break or make you.

What are the biggest mistakes men make when dressing?

Trying to keep up with trends. Understanding your body and creating your own wave or style should come first. Never stretch yourself to achieve a look way beyond your reach. Be you and work with what is comfortable with you at that particular moment.

What are the first items you gravitate towards when shopping?

Shoes all the time. I happen to be a shoe freak. I have countless pairs of them already and I just can’t stop going for more. I am a sucker!

Describe an appropriate man’s wardrobe.

There are quite a few must-haves for every stylish man: a nicely tailored suit, a white T-shirt, blue or black jeans, a smart casual jacket or coat and clean drawers. With these, you are good to go.

What’s your signature accessory?

That must be my gold chain. It is my most treasured item in my wardrobe. I wouldn’t want to say the price, but it cost me a fortune.

Who’s your style icon?

Surprisingly, there is none. But if I was to settle for any specific person it would be Dapper Dan, the American fashion designer and haberdasher (a dealer in small items used in sewing, such as buttons, zips, and threads) from Harlem, New York.  

We’ll never catch you dead wearing...

Balenciaga shoes. Those shoes are so ugly more so they have been overdone and over worn.

What is your style secret weapon?

Well, if I tell you it won’t be a secret anymore. Ha-ha-ha.

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