Thirdway Alliance withdraws from 2022 presidential race

Monday, July 19th, 2021 19:56 |
Thirdway Allaince Secretary General Fredrick Okango addressing the press. PHOTO: Courtesy

Thirdway Alliance party will not field a presidential candidate in the 2022 General Elections that is about 12 months away.

In a statement released by the party secretary-general Fredrick Okango, the party announced that the move has been necessitated by its bid to foster partnership with other political parties that have ideals as theirs.

He, however, stated that they will field candidates in other elective seats in the country.

“Thirdway Alliance Kenya will NOT be fielding a Presidential candidate in 2022 but rather, we will be fielding candidates in all the other elective positions in a bid to foster partnerships with like-minded Political Parties,” read Okango’s statement.

According to the SG, aspirants seeking other elective seats are welcomed to the party as long as they meet the minimum qualification as stipulated in the Elections Act.

“The call for aspirants on our party ticket is already out there. Our doors are open to all, and our party tickets are available based on qualification, moral and social integrity as well as fair representation,” he added.

Okango noted that there is a need for his party to change tact going forward if it needs positive results.

He stated that the party will be championing good leadership through initiatives such as Punguza Mzigo Kenya which he says will seek to unite and heal our country.

“It is our deepest conviction that we cannot do the same things the same way we do every election cycle, and if we do, then we will be foolish to expect a different result,” Okango added.

The SG also noted that the party is looking forward to fielding and supporting candidates who are of integrity in its bid to enhance good governance and proper management of the country’s resources.

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