Think twice before jumping on the latest dietary fad

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 10:28 |

By Christine Nderitu

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. This has been the road to health for years.  As we went along we were also advised to have small meals frequently rather than large meals, of course, all of it observing a balanced diet.

Study results

Later on we’d be advised to eat less frequently (intermittent fasting) for better health outcomes and weight loss. More recently a study done in the US and UK has suggested that eating breakfast may not be suitable for adults whose objective is to lose weight saying that adults that ate breakfast tended to consume more calories than needed.

Now before you go on to cross out breakfast, let me add that the study had several limitations, which makes the evidence rather weak. It was also done in the West, and, therefore, may not fit our differing diets and practices.

What stands true, however, is that weight loss is premised on energy in being less than the energy out. Given, breakfast as a meal should be viewed in line with one’s objective of a day’s calorie intake.

Previous studies indicate having breakfast has many health benefits including improved concentration and mood. But a meal with refined sugars triggers cravings, therefore, increasing general food intake.

From experience, I can tell you the only one fits all strategy is a healthy lifestyle. This basically means making appropriate dietary, physical and mental changes necessary to achieve and sustain your desired weight as well as health goal. If it’s not a lifestyle, it’s almost always unsustainable.

Remember, your mental wellbeing will influence your motivation and balance, and certainly keep away some eating disorders.

That said, have breakfast, then effectively plan the rest of your meals to suit your need; and when you feel hungry take a glass of water just to be sure you are indeed not feeding thirst.

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