Thika MP applauds the return of cargo train

Saturday, June 13th, 2020 11:45 |
Dilapidated Thika-Nanyuki railway line. Photo/Courtesy

A train has roared back in Thika after about 10 years of 'missing in action'.

The return was precipitated by the ongoing rehabilitation of the Sh 3 billion 178-kilometer Thika-Nanyuki Meter Gauge Railway. 

According to Thika MP Patrick Wainaina, the advancement has so far significantly reduced cost of doing business for firms that have adopted the mode of transport thereby spurring economic development in the area.

Thika being an industrious town, the MP said the return of cargo train will further reduce the bottlenecks experienced by various firms at different ports as they evacuate their goods.

“This is a welcome development that will see firms make more returns through the use of the cost effective mode of transport. The rail is convenient, less risky and very ideal for transportation of bulky goods,” he said.

He however rooted for further improvement of the meter gauge railway and possible introduction of the standard gauge one to hasten movement of goods and thereby impact the economy positively. 

At the same time, the MP called for faster re-introduction of commuter train to serve hundreds of people who live in Thika but commutes to Nairobi daily for work.

“Many people who work in Nairobi live and stay in Thika and introduction of commuter train can greatly cut the cost of their movement. As we enjoy the movement of goods, we would also appeal for faster re-introduction of the passengers train to aid the movement of our people,” he said.

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