‘They are out to humiliate me’ – Waiguru says as she reveals over 250 EACC summons against her

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 10:21 |
Governor Anne Waiguru
Governor Anne Waiguru. PHOTO/COURTESY
Governor Anne Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has said her county has had over 250 summons to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) in the past year.

Speaking to a local TV station on Wednesday morning, the county boss said she wondered why EACC was keen on summoning her on petty and clear issues.

"When they want to push a certain agenda, they call you to Nairobi so that you are seen through those revolving doors and they call the media. That is why I say they are not acting in good faith," she said.

Waiguru said EACC was acting on behalf of people who are hellbent on humiliating her.

"They summon you and alert the media to humiliate you. It is not an investigation nor an inquiry," she added.

Waiguru recently posted: "Last time I said … 'on BBI let me keep quiet a bit...' immediately, EACC raided my office.

"Recently I said 'I'm introspecting on the political way forward…' and again immediately I get EACC summons complete with all the subtle threatening inflexibilities… and media alerts on an alleged payment of Ksh52m (allocated by County Assembly - for a pending bill that was acquired in 2010, for subdivision, allocation and cadastral mapping of over 17,000 acres of South Ngariama Settlement Scheme) and which EACC knows has not even been paid!

"Is it just coincidence, witch-hunt, or the usual attempt to shape narratives for 2022 succession politics?"

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