‘These hotel meetings will not be helpful, people need to go to the grassroots’ – Speaker Muturi tells politicians

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 07:48 |

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has called out on leaders seeking elective positions to relinquish from meeting at hotels, but instead seek the electorates vote by visiting them at the grassroots level.

In an exclusive interview at K24,Muturi insisted the need of engaging the voters from a grassroots level and shun the culture of organising meetings in city hotels.

“These hotel meetings will not be helpful people need to go to the grassroots, that is where the voter is, not in hotels,” Muturi said.

He also urged leaders who are not ready to be accountable and lead by example should prepare to ship out, no matter the position they hold in the country.

“Anybody not willing to be accountable and lead by example, no matter the position, are people who should prepare to ship out,” Muturi said.

“We cannot have business as usual when we are told we lose so much and our systems are struggling,” Muturi added.

Muturi has already declared that he will be running for presidency come 2022 with his mission being that of restoring the lost glory of the country and pride.

Speaker Muturi was coronated a few months ago and his coronation has had resistance from a section of leaders in Mt Kenya Region who say they don't recognize him as Mt Kenya's Spokesman.

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