There is no vacuum at City Hall, says official

Monday, December 16th, 2019 00:00 |
County Secretary Leboo Morintat.

Operations at City Hall have not stalled following the arrest and prosecution of Governor Mike Sonko.

In a statement, County Secretary Leboo Morintat  dismissed reports saying that while the media has deliberately chosen to focus on suspensions and Assembly drama, facts on the ground from various sectors indicate otherwise.

Morintat said the ongoing campaign against the progress made by the governor is secretly being pushed by unscrupulous businessmen, who supplied air during past regimes and would want to paint a bad picture of affairs at City Hall so that they can find their way back.

His statement comes after Sonko and some  county officials were charged and ordered to keep off office until their cases are heard and determined.

“The order that the media and critics want restored is the order of supplying air and impunity in the planning department. The order of water cartels and fake licenses as it was the case in previous administrations,” he said adding: “For the first time in history, we are experiencing a situation where most programmes captured in the Annual Development Plans are being implemented,” he said.

Budget absorption

Morintat  told Nairobi residents to keep visiting the county offices and other facilities for daily services because everything is running swiftly.

He said that all health facilities are up and running, all revenue operations are ongoing and that all sector heads are in office working.

“This is to assure the public that nothing has stalled at City Hall and we going on with our normal service delivery programmes as captured in the governor’s development agenda,” Leboo said.

While quoting the Controller of Budget Report for 2018/19,  the senior county officer said City Hall has for the first time recorded a development budget absorption rate of  more than 70 per cent, attributing this to the sustained pressure from the governor that every sector has to deliver on its mandate.

He added that staff at City Hall have had their best employment days under the governor, who has ensured that salaries and all allowances are remitted on time every month. 

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