The world runaway: Bonface Lwako Bonface a former pageant and editorial model

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 00:00 |
Bonface Lwako Bonface is a former pageant and editorial model.

Bonface Lwako Bonface is a former pageant and editorial model who is currently a marketing strategist at Quickmart Kenya. He was the 3rd Runner Up in Mister Model Worldwide in 2019 in New Delhi and has walked numerous runways since then. Despite not being as active on the runway anymore, Lwako is keen on fashion and still dresses well as he believes that the world is his runway. Nailantei Norari caught up with him to get some fashion tips.

When did your love for fashion start?

My love for fashion started back in primary school. Even with school uniform, I would do my best to look clean and neat.

When I could at last pick my own outfits, I knew exactly what I wanted in part due to consuming a lot of media that emphasised the importance of fashion.

While at university, this love would push me into modelling where I walked several runways and even won Mr Model Worldwide in Kenya. Now, I mostly dress well whether at work or at home.

2. How can you describe your style? 

Chic, minimal, and timeless. I love investing in a few chic pieces that can pair well with each other.

I am all for minimalism and wholly believe that less is more, especially when it comes to accessories.

3. Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

From social media. There are numerous new looks that one can pick from there.

The trick is to know yourself first so you do not get overwhelmed by the numerous ideas. For me, I get my Audrey Lunda as his style fits my mould.

4. How important is grooming and scent to fashion and image?

Fashion for me is the clothing choices you make while image is the sum total of factors such as grooming, scent, fashion and how you carry yourself and the impression it has on people.

This means that grooming yourself and feeling good about yourself is an important part of your image.

Scent is also very important as so many memories are linked with scent. If you can have a good scent that speaks before you utter a word, then you have half won in the game of fashion and image. 

5. What role does fitness and wellness play in your fashion journey?

I have always loved moving and keeping active. I even played handball while in university.

For now, I love weightlifting. Fitness is my lifestyle, it is my emotional outlet as well as a tool that helps me feel good about myself and my body.

When you feel confident, you are instantly fashionable. I tend to approach fitness as just one part of the wellness sphere.

So, I started eating clean and have been eating plant based diets since last year.

I feel good about the choice and feel more clarity around food and the role it plays in my physical and mental health. 

6. What can’t you leave the house without?

My phone. Funny, how such a small gadget has everything about your life from important work issues to lighter social issues.

7. What are the main items of dressing that every man should have in their wardrobe and why?

Every man should have at least one good timepiece, a classic leather belt and a good pair of shoes.

These are all basic items that can elevate any look from basic to elegant. These pieces decide whether you blend in the crowd or claim sartorial attention.

8. What is your fashion pet peeve?

When people wear leggings and stockings as pants. Why though? Leggings will never be pants.

Unless you are going to a yoga class, there is no good excuse for wearing them as pants. Throwing on a jacket convinces no one that the leggings are pants. 

9. What is your favourite Kenyan fashion brand?

Kikoromeo without a doubt. They have very elegant pieces that have undertones of Africa whether it is in beadwork, fabric or design. They have great pieces that one can choose from for any occasion.

10. What fashion advice can you give men?

Less is more. Whenever in doubt, minimize on accessories, colours, or the items you have on.

Remember to also take care of your body, both physically and mentally. Fashion is not just about looking good, it should be about feeling good about yourself as well.

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