Tension looms over Nyandarua Speaker fate

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 00:00 |
Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia.

Tension looms ahead of the resumption of sittings at the Nyandarua County Assembly this morning following the alleged ouster of Speaker Ndegwa Wahome by a group of Ward Reps allied to Governor Francis Kimemia.

The pro-Kimemia group, led by leader Majority Leader Wambugu King’ori is claiming to have removed Wahome from Speaker’s post last Friday while another group comprising 14 Members of County Assembly (MCAs) claim their rivals lack numbers to carry out the ouster.

It is expected that the King’ori group, which enjoys support of the Governor Kimemia will try to prevent the Speaker from presiding over the House business today. 

Kimemia, in a statement issued last month, urged the MCAs to “speed up” removal of the Speaker.

“The Speaker should be professional and work with the government,” the Governor said in the statement.

King’ori group, which also seems to have attracted support from county administrators, on Friday damaged doors to gain access to the Assembly to hold a “Special” Sitting to oust the Speaker.

Acting Assembly Clerk Mukiri Muchiri has since clarified that no notice had been given for a Special Sitting.

Wrad Reps supporting the Speaker said only 20 MCAs attended the Friday sitting, a number they claim falls short of the 30 needed to impeach the Speaker.

Unlawful ouster

Murangaru MCA Kariuki Muchiri, speaking in the presence of his 14 colleagues, said the sitting by their rivals was illegal since it went against a ruling by Nakuru Judge, Joel Ngugi, who ruled that the procedure for removal of a Speaker of a County Assembly should follow the law and procedure.

“Both the Clerks and Hansard staff were not present,” Muchiri said, a claim that was confirmed by the acting assembly clerk, in a statement released on Saturday.

 The 14 MCAs had signed affidavits that were yesterday presented in court to show they never attended the Friday meeting and the alleged impeachment is unlawful because only 20 MCAs were present.

Affidavits are to support contempt of court proceedings, which the Speaker said he will institute.

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