Ten world’s most powerful passports of year 2020

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 00:00 |
Even as countries shut down their borders because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Henley index has released its reports on the world’s most powerful passports.

Even as countries shut down their borders because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Henley index has released its reports on the world’s most powerful passports. As travel dynamics change, the world strongest passports will still hold strong long after the pandemic is no longer with us. The Henley index tabulates passports based on how many destinations their holders can travel to without a prior visa. Here are the rankings:

Japan 191

For two years in a row, Japan has maintained the first position according to the index.

Holders of this powerful passport can travel to 191 of the 199 nations as well as regions in the world without obtaining a Visa in advance.

However, despite having this privilege, the irony is that most Japanese, according to reports, do not travel beyond their neighbouring Asian countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and as Macau. 


Last year, it tied the spot with Japan as the strongest passport. The global financial centre, that borders Malasysia to the north, has its passport holders tour visa-free to 190 countries giving its citizens enormous travel flexibility.

Germany and South Korea

Holders of the two passports can travel to 189 countries visa free. Germany has moved up one position from last year’s in the official world rankings by Henleys Passport Index, where it tied at second place with Finland and Denmark. 

German passports are valid for 10 years for adults and six years for citizens under the age of 24.

A German passport means that one can also, live, work and study in any neighboring country. in the EU.

Finland, Italy,  Luxembourg and Spain 

Being a Finish entitles you to a passport which will give you visa-free access to 188 nations in the world. EU passports offered to Finish citizen are valid for five years. 

Italian citizens can apply for either a 10, five or three-year passports, depending on the age of the applicant. They are also entitled to be EU citizens.

Austria and Denmark 187

Comprising of the Jutland Peninsula and numerous other islands, Denmark is a Scandinavian country whose passport allows its citizens to travel to 187 countries without a visa.

In addition, it also gives its bearer freedom of movement in Switzerland as well as the EU.

However, Danish nationals who live in Greenland or the Faroe Islands, have the choice to either have the Danish EU passport and or the local non-EU Passport.

France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden

Having a passport from the five countries gives citizens the right to travel to 186 countries visa-free. The Swedish passport is one of the world’s most secure travel documents with a strong reputation.

 Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, UK and US

The US passport allows its citizen to access 185 destinations.  Since Brexit, the UK passport has dropped to its lowest position since the Henley Passport Index began in 2006. In 2015, it was the world’s most powerful passport.

Czech Republic, Greece, Malta and New Zealand 

The new report revealed the four countries tied at number eight permitting its citizens to access 184 countries visa-free.

Australia and Canada

Australia and Canada’s passports tied in the ninth, with their citizens accessing 183 countries visa free. This is a drop by two places for Australia whose dark blue passport with the kangaroo and emu coat of arms give it an equal footing with countries such as Canada, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.


With visa-free access to 182 countries, Hungary joins the world’s top 10 powerful ranking passports. Known as the first communist bloc nation and one of the oldest countries in Europe, Hungary boasts a rich cultural heritage that links the gap between European charm and historical Soviet influence.

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