Ten ways to make money in 2021

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 00:00 |

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Freelance writing

Many online sites offer various freelance writing opportunities globally. Most offer customised jobs in various areas of expertise.

If you can write 400 words in 12 minutes or less, you can quickly earn up to $25 per hour (Sh1,320).

The key is to write high quality material to retain and attract more buyers.

You can also offer e-books or reports that you have written. People are desperate to get traffic to their websites and they don’t mind paying $5 (Sh550) to drive traffic to their web pages.

Start a blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn passive income. You can do affiliate marketing by recommending products and services at a commission.

You can make money using Google Adsense, offer online courses and even workshops.

You can also sell freelance services such as writing, designing, and programming, as well as offer your expertise as a consultant or coach.

Small gigs

Tap the gig-economy, which is characterised by short-term jobs or freelance, and get paid by different companies.

Gig jobs are terrific for digital services such as graphic design, web design, short audio or video clip creation, editing services, and writing among others.

The industry is growing in Kenya, with statistics by Gituku Ngene, a Post-investment, and Learning Advisor at Mercy Corps saying that by 2023, the sector will employ 93,875 gig workers.

YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel and consistently upload high quality, short video content on specific topics you are competent at.

This will help you build and retain an audience, and monetise (allow YouTube to place ads in your content) the channel.

You can increase your subscriber base by hooking, and sending videos to other sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Set up a Google AdSense website from and a PayPal or bank account from where google will pay you from adverts your channel attracts.

Instagram influencer

Instagram influencers create content, and share stories through their Instagram accounts, growing to anywhere from 1,000 to millions of followers.

Influencers convince their followers to take a certain action and make money by promoting products or brands.

Research shows that followers are more likely to buy a product endorsed by influencers online.

It is however important to operate within a certain niche industry based on your interests or expertise.

Car boot sales

Convert your car boot into a mini fruit and vegetable or household goods market.

Car boot sales are held in a variety of locations, including the side of roads, or car parks.

Usually they take place at a weekend, often on Sundays. They came into prominence in Kenya in March last year after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, giving people an opportunity to earn some hard cash and maintain their sanity.

Tutor students

Parents are always willing to invest in their children’s future. If you have a great deal of knowledge in subjects such as math, science or computers, you could tutor for cash.

It is especially easy now, as you can do it from the comfort of your house.

All you need is to build a critical mass of students or pupils and create virtual classrooms from where you can conduct lessons.

Run delivery services

Many people want items delivered to their front door. To be a delivery driver, there are several services you can sign up with, using your own car or motorcycle.

Similarly, you can also earn money while shopping for others. Grocery delivery is very popular these days, and companies need shoppers.

Turn your car into a taxi

Taxi-hailing apps will not only give you more earning potential, but also flexible hours.

Alternatively, you can rent your car especially over the weekend, or to the many international organisations based in Kenya for a period of time and get paid either over a long period or per month, based on your agreement.

Cook interesting meals for others

Do you love cooking? Learn how to take your love of baking and making into cash with a local meal service.

When you do this in bulk, it can really be a good source of income. Consumers are also embracing specialty and traditional foods like honey-infused herbal teas, natural ginger as they check on diseases like hypertension and stress and they would prefer them supplied at their workplaces.

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