Ten ways to cultivate good gut bacteria

Thursday, August 19th, 2021 00:00 |
Gut bacteria.

By Nailentai Norari

I have always loved yoghurt. I remember brainstorming for ideas that I could take to the local science fair when I was in primary school, and my big sisters suggesting that I do something to do with ‘multiplying’ yoghurt.

This is done by refrigerating milk, then adding a small portion of yoghurt to it, refrigerating it for a further 24 hours and voila! You have multiplied yoghurt.

Of course, I ran with the idea and was kindly informed by the science fair adjudicators that it was unoriginal. My sisters had a laugh about it, after which I disowned them and instead decided to go steady with yoghurt.

Never have yoghurt and I ever disagreed. So my relationship with this fermented milk beverage continues to grow from strength to strength. To me, it is more than a source of calcium and good bacteria.

It is everything. It is, therefore, no surprise that I recently discovered that you can have yoghurt in your favourite tipple. I mean, who ever said no to getting high while getting your daily dose of calcium? Talk about the science of economics and efficiency!

So, I have curated some yoghurt cocktails to help you down your alcohol and calcium better. Moreover, yoghurt adds the great double layer of creaminess and acidity to any cocktail it is part of.

‘A glass of yoghurt cocktail keeps the osteoporosis doctor away’ is the new expression for the weekend. Happy imbibing!

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