Ten top rated Apps in Kenya

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 00:00 |
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1. MedAfrica

A product of Shimba Technologies, it is a dedicated service which is aimed at enabling the common mwananchi to take charge of their health.

The Nokia store App was launched in partnership with Nokia, whose aim is to make healthcare information affordable and accessible in Kenya.

MedAfrica has gone from winning a Pivot25 award to showcasing the App at Demo fall, Silicon Valley where they did so well, they were actually among the top 10 Apps. 

2. M-Farm

M-Farm App connects farmers enabling them to share ideas and therefore, enhance the flow of goods and services.

M-Farm was founded by three ladies who won the IPO48 Boot camp in 2010 and bagged Sh1 million which was used as seed capital for the company.

M-Farm was born on realisation that farmers get a raw deal from middle-men. The App offers daily prices of commodities on the platform.

It also links farmers to the market and advises on the latest agri-business trends.

3. Africa Travel Guide

This is a mobile App specifically designed for travel lovers in Africa and, therefore, gives exclusive information about great holidaying spots.

Collectively, it has more than 1,000 destinations. The App can operate offline.

All the information is stored within the App, so you can access it in the most remote places around the world and avoid expensive roaming charges. 

4. Olalashe

Derived from the Maasai word meaning brother, this is a distress App. It is a geo-alert tracking system that notifies those listed of the location of the user when they are in trouble.

The free app utilises a widget that automatically picks up the location of the user and sends a pre-set message to the list of input contacts.

When one is in trouble, they simply press a button on their mobile devices and the information will be sent and subsequently tracked in record time.

5. M-Shop

The award winning mobile App developed in 2012, assists users to book for travel, movies and shopping.

The services are available on android phones. Through the App, clients can make orders, pay for goods or services with convenience and relative ease.

The application also enables ticket holders to validate them. It’s a complete mobile solution for shop owners, allowing them to sell their product and approach their customers anywhere, anytime by push notification and message chat.

6. NikoHapa

NikoHapa is a social location sharing App that allows users to use either SMS or their android App to give their location.

It acts as a loyalty programme such that users who visit certain locations, restaurants or retail outlets for a given number of times are rewarded with cash and allowed to share their location within a friends circle. 

A user can allow their check-ins to appear on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites.

7. Ma3route

This app navigates motorists on safer and less congested roads in the city and environs.

It helps one to discover public transport options and choice variants around them: finding a bus station nearby and checking in a matatu route that is favourable.

It has garnered global recognition over its real time and spot on assistance module to thousands of road users.

Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources for transport data and provides users with information on traffic, matatu directions and driving reports.

8. Nairobi X

Nairobi X is a free to download 3D and multi-player android game. A first of its kind, not only in Kenya but also in Africa, Nairobi X boasts stunning visuals in 3D, depicting real-life buildings in the city.

Nairobi X’s plot revolves around an imminent attack on Nairobi by an unknown alien colony.

Andrew Kagia, the developer of the game built it in 2015 and it has really caught up with game lovers locally.

The game is available in two versions: Android mobile version and Windows PC version.

10. Nduru App

Nduru App is a road safety App that lets you manage incidences related to road safety. Nduru is Swahili for scream.

The application lets you report emergencies, send complaints, first aid guide, among others.

The one feature that makes it exception is the ability to report traffic updates in real time and the speedometer feature that allows passengers to detect the speed of the vehicle they are travelling in.

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