Ten tips to kickstart your business in 2021

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 00:00 |
New year race.

Revisit your business plan

Review your old business plan to ensure it is still aligned with your current company goals and changing times.

Change what needs changing. If you never had one, there are several free online templates from where you can develop one, then leverage that to plan for the year.

Narrow down to specifics of your business

It is important to lay out what you want for your business in the next 12 months.

Remember, new year’s resolutions are not all about losing weight, so revisit the performance of the previous year.

However, be specific, targeting what can be measured, to check whether you accomplished targets by year’s end and use that as building blocks this year.

Build business using the events calendar

Sit down with a calendar and start looking at all the holidays or events you want to build promotions around.

This will give you ample time to plan your social media updates, blog posts, and advertising campaigns. target only the relevant events to avoid burning out.

Enough staff

If your business is getting too busy for you to run with a skeleton crew,  and your budget is tight, consider temporary employment, freelancers, virtual assistants, and part-timers as alternatives to full-time employees.

However, pick people who know what they are doing otherwise you will regret it.

Technology is king

Buying a new computer and software which are more efficient can make your work easier and faster.

Remember the old adage, ‘time is money?’ Under the new normal, working conditions are available with bundle plans for you to choose from.

Various providers now ensure you run your business out of location which means working from home is a major alternative.

Enhance sectorial knowledge to boost business

Attending conferences and industry trade shows can be beneficial to business owners.

You will not only meet others in your field but also potential customers and an opportunity to learn from leading experts.

The Internet is littered with reputable websites where you can source events.

Refresh your brand

Is it time for a new headshot or website refresh? Google yourself! What worked for you in terms of marketing last year?

This is a great time to tweak your brand including online strategy so that you identify the tools that helped your business grow. It also the time to cut back on those that did not work out.

Declutter your workstation

This is the time to ensure that your desk and desktop are decluttered. Spend a few hours throwing away and shredding things you do not need.

Organise your computer files by year. It will make things easier to find. I guarantee you this will help.

Refresher courses

If you do have staff, now is a fantastic time to offer supplementary training to refresh their skills or give them new ones.

Maybe, they are not all using your customer relationship management software, this is the perfect time for such training. There are several online courses that offer free pieces of training.

Top industry trends

Your employees are not the only ones who need to learn more. As an entrepreneur, ensure you read industry blogs, books, magazines, and anything else you can get your hands on to be on top of the trends in your sector.

This will help you turn the company towards a more profitable curve easily.

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