Ten ridiculous relationship deal breakers

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Break-ups are absolutely horrendous and the termination basis can rage from infidelity to mistrust or communication breakdown. On the other hand, people have cut off ties over ludicrous reasons. 

Physical features

Joshua admits that he once dated a woman who had bat-like toes. “I looked at her feet and the pinky toes were longer than all others.

The rest of the morning, all I could hear were the tap of her pinky toes hitting the floor before the rest of her foot.

I imagined what if we had children and the combined sound of their little mutant paws running around the house.”

So, in his mind, that was it. “I once went out with a guy who had an extra little finger and when he kept talking I just couldn’t see it,” says Julia.

Weird quirks

Has someone everdone something repeatedly and all the while you just sit there trying not to get an aneurysm?

So, it  happens the first and second time and you decide to ignore it, but then again it becomes a habit you cannot just brush off.

It could be a simple thing like not flashing the toilet. Hillary says he dated a woman who had a nice reputation in the corporate world.

“But every time after a meal, she would use a toothpick to eat the food residual she picked from her teeth.

It was the most disgusting thing ever!” “My former girlfriend would put sauce on her palm then dip her fries and eat them. She would then lick the remaining sauce off her palm.

I tried to make her stop, but she thought it was cool, so I gave up and moved on,” says Steve. 

It isn’t you but me!

This is a common break up line that is intended to downplay a break up situation. This is the worst line someone can ever use on someone.

Behind this statement lies a lot of probable meaning that the other person wouldn’t want to say directly.

This line could mean ‘we are not compatible’, ‘I don’t find you attractive, ‘I have someone else’, ‘I am not ready to commit’, ‘I don’t deserve you’ or ‘I need to work on myself’.

One thing to remember is that when someone pulls this statement, what they are saying is ‘it’s not me, it’s you’.

Growing more as friends than lovers

This mostly happens when the relationship has hit rock bottom and the other person really wants out of the relationship, but wants to let go off easily.

Another reason would be when the other person has started and is already halfway on another relationship.

It means what they are about to do is hurtful and want to downplay the situation.

They ‘shrubbed’ too much 

Honestly, some interference shouldn’t be a reason to break up with someone, but people have broken over silly reasons.

We all at some point get self-conscious when you have that ‘brain cell’ moment (a moment when you have a word in your mind, but it comes out in a different sound when it’s the time to say it).

“I had a friend who I had a crush on. While in college, we used to hang out a lot with friends.

So, when this friend was excited or angry he would speak fast. And along those lines he would drop a bombshell of words. He would be like ‘I half to go’!

‘You remind me of my ex’

This will obviously make you feel uncomfortable. The emotions might come spiralling back and that would not be a good thing if the relationship ended badly and the last thing we would want is feeling conflicted over a current or an ex-lover.

 Dry sense of humour

In this world of Internet and instant information sharing, a lot of issues have been watered down by the evolution of memes, and as long as the Internet exists then ‘memeing’ will never end.

So, what happened if you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t get the jokes? Dave explains that he once had a friend who he really liked, but she once pronounced meme (meem) as ‘mee mee’ and she lacked interest of what was happening around her. The relationship ended before it started.

 ‘Too nice’ personality

There’s nothing wrong with being nice. In fact, it is a likable trait. However, there’s a situation where a person is overly nice, it becomes annoying.

Nancy says she once deliberately made her blind date wait for two hours. The date was not upset at all.

Worse still, the guy wouldn’t say no to anything. He didn’t have an opinion to anything. She felt the guy couldn’t take charge and to her, that was a red flag.

Grammar deficiency

This mostly happens in writing and talking. In writing, especially in phone text messages, some people may decide to cut short words and even form slang words that the other might not understand or relate to.

‘He kept saying ‘honesty speaking’ and ‘Ofacado’ and every time he would speak, it felt so lame.

He would go like, ‘can you flease fut the fafer in the bag.’ So, I just ghosted on him.

Old habits

Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstance, when worse, it can trigger a rage reaction.

“John and I had been dating for about three months. We would eat together almost daily, but he would chew with his mouth open and make annoying sounds.

So, I talked to him about it and well, old habits die hard. It was driving me insane and I was getting all repelled by it. I ended the relationship,” says Maryanne.

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