Ten aggressions women contend with in an unequal society

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 00:00 |
Lonely lady.

People who feel inadequate will constantly seek attention and approval from others. The problem with this is that for as long as you don’t value yourself, you will always question your worth and no matter how much love is given to you by your friends and kin, it will never be enough.

You will still doubt your worth and keep scrapping the external world to feed your insatiable insecurities. This infelicitous craving for validation, sometimes from the wrong people, leaves one vulnerable and unshielded from the harsh realities of life.

1. Not tapped into inner self

Failure to connect with the inner person results to unexplored individuality and consequently, a life that is out of sync. People who have a disconnect with their separate sense of self-struggle with figuring out what works for them in life because they barely spend time with themselves to understand what makes them tick.

This invites uneasiness when alone and they choke those feelings by looking for distractions in the company of others. It is hard to build meaningful relationships when you don’t know yourself.

2. Boring and lack creativity

Precisely, they are so nondescript and unimaginative that they can’t even stand themselves. They don’t know how to be innovative or adventurous to make their life exciting. All they do is derive stimulation from other people’s energy and spirit. It’s neither good for them nor for those that they feed off from. They can bleed you dry like a leech because they only take to light up their unspirited selves. They rarely give.

3. They are idle

These people will scroll through their phonebooks anytime to see who they can call or text and ask to go out with to party because they have nothing better to do. Not that partying is bad, but it always feels like they have no priorities or commitments. They are the type who will text at 2am and expect someone to be awake and entertain them.

4. They are clingy

Like the boring lot, beware of this bunch too. They are draining and can suck off all your energy and suffocate the life out of you. They come in all shapes and also seem to have little regard for themselves. They also come looking for reassurance and approval in the most toxic ways because they don’t love themselves. They hate being alone and can be manipulative too

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