Technology key in transforming the future of education

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 11:19 |
Digital learning apps for children.

The lockdown in Kenya has made it imperative to think backward and put education into perspective.

Kenyans are living in the new normal without much preparation for learning in lockdown, however, learning must continue.

One of the favourite things children like doing during the holidays is having a good time with families and watching movies or going through their old photo books.

But unlike their grandparents, technology has made it possible for memories to be preserved to own such knowledge, as education is today.

Helping children to learn the important things is more critical at this point, so as to adjust their mindsets towards what will help them grow towards a certain trajectory.

However, while every subject is important it is important to note that children get frustrated with certain subjects, but enjoy others more.

But with packaged applications that have been tested over the years, instead of wondering on the internet, children can now target programs like MwalimuPLUS to apply what they learn, in and out of the classroom.

According to users, the engaging app personalizes, interacts and guides learners in better fashion than classroom teaching.

It also adds more features according to user experience and capabilities.

It is important that we all work to give each child, no matter their race, gender or social status access to hands-on learning opportunities.

That is the only opportuntity to give them lifelong gifts which will also help them make this world a better place.

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