Travel Apps to try

Friday, October 18th, 2019 21:53 |
The Kit Mikayi rock formation.

Harriet James and Matilda Nzioki

Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Wallet can help you keep things cashless, especially if you’re travelling abroad and would like to avoid the inconvenience that comes with carrying a lot of money or bank cards.

  Google Lens is a technology meant to recognize images and bring up some information linked to the objects.

  If scrolling through your social media platforms gets you in a travelling mood, EasyJet wants to help you get to that dream destination in one touch.

The airline launched an app on which one can upload an Instagram screenshot, to see flight suggestions to get them to the destination. It plans to introduce the function to other social networks.

  Most airlines have apps via which you can book, check-in, select seats, pay for luggage and other services from the convenience of your phone, saving you a lot of time.

  Google Photos and iCloud store pictures such as those one takes while on a trip, which they can also share when they need to, and this helps free the phone memory.

  If you’re always miscalculating the time you need to beat airport queues and barely make it for your flights, the app TripIt is designed to share information on how busy queues are at the airport. It is currently available in select airports, and looks to expand to more.

  Also, TripIt, alongside Google Trips, can help you manage your itinerary from your phone, as opposed to the old days of printing the same and having to carry it around with you. The apps pick travel information from your email such as destination bookings and flight timings, and puts them together in an itinerary, for you to easily refer to.

  Waze, Citymapper and Google Maps are examples of Internet-based services that offer information on geographical road maps, streets, regions as well as sites in different parts of the world.

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