Tears as Alliance Girls candidate misses History marks

Friday, December 20th, 2019 00:00 |
Valine Kakai Nabumbo of Alliance Girls High School.

As top performers in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam candidates were celebrating their achievements, it was a sad day for 17-year-old Valine Kakai Nabumbo of Alliance Girls High School.

This is after realising that her History paper marks were missing, an anomaly she believes affected her overall grade, in the results released on Wednesday By Education Cabinet secretary George Magoha.

Nabumbo, who scored a B+ (Plus) said she discovered that marks for her History paper were missing.

“On interrogating the results, I realised they had listed only seven subjects instead of eight… I called my colleagues to find out whether they had noted any problem in their results but they were all okay.

It, therefore, means that I was the only one who had a problem,” the candidate told the press at their home in Majaoni in Shanzu area.

She scored a B plus with Maths- A, English- A (minus), Kiswahili-A, Chemistry A, Physics –A, Biology A-minus, Agriculture B. 

History was missing. “I was confident of getting an A considering that my performance was consistent throughout the four years,” she said.

For Nabumbo, History was her favourite subject, which she had managed to score straight As throughout her four years in high school, and she believes that she did well in the subject.

She says her grade (B+) was calculated based on six subjects divided by the listed seven, thereby affecting her final results.

“I aspire to pursue medicine majoring in surgery, but I am afraid the results could affect my dream because of subject combination,” she said.

Following the anomaly, her mother Naemi Tola said they contacted the school and the teachers said they will follow up the matter and call her back.

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