Talking wheelbarrows without rule of law is simply hot air

Sunday, January 17th, 2021 12:10 |

By Adhere Cavince

Disturbing reports are emerging of property owners being targeted and attacked by poisoned souls calling themselves hustlers. It is a sad precedent that risks consuming the country and poignant reminder of the perils of the Tanga Tanga philosophy. Inciting class wars is no better way of governing the country and runs counter to the objectives of national cohesion and development.

Economic empowerment of the masses should be premised on the fact that people should eventually lead decent lives; and not to be poorer. So if a political faction disdains effort and sets up the public against Kenyans who have had to work extremely hard to get the little comfort they experience, what good can come out of such a persuasion? It does not make sense that the very things that poor Kenyans are struggling to acquire are the ones they are now told to destroy.

Secondly, even if the Hustlers brigade were to ascend to the Presidency, the fact remains that government cannot employ all Kenyans. The role of government is to create conducive, competitive and enabling environment upon which millions of private citizens can create jobs and wealth through entrepreneurship, administration of justice, meritocracy and equal opportunity.

What the Deputy President William Ruto and his team are doing is a subliminal messaging that hard work is punishable. That one should not buy a car or build a house or afford good education for the children – all of which could potentially to the “Dynasty” label, with devastating ramifications.

Kenya and Kenyans are not poor because they love penury. Theirs has been an unfortunate case of government misadventures in which vices such as corruption, tribalism, and impunity have dilapidated and finally grounded the productive sectors. The country is for instance losing up to Ksh. 2 billion on a daily count to graft. That is a whole stretch of Thika Road, every 15 days.

Promising economic empowerment without speaking to these ills is therefore simply hot air. As someone who has been at the helm, the Deputy President can’t lie to Kenyans that all they need to get better lives is a wheelbarrow. No. He is studiously silent on corruption while aggressively recruiting folks whose names are tainted with graft charges.

What will transform the future of Kenya is an accountable government that stands ready to entrench the rule of law, cut malfeasance, judiciously administer national resources while bring Kenyans together irrespective of tribe, religion, political persuasion or social status.

Kenyans must therefore keenly vet the aspirants and see beyond the partisan personal interests that often define many individuals gunning for political offices. Candidates who thrive on narratives of fear, discrimination and social stratification do not fit within the parameters defined by the Constitution of Kenya.

With nearly two years to the next general elections, political temperatures are already heightened by people who are part of government. People who should be working to deliver on the government promise for a better Kenya. As things stand the Hustler movement can’t deliver a more prosperous future for the people of Kenya. They have had the opportunity, and squandered it, in many ways literally.     

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