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Thursday, January 14th, 2021 00:00 |
Medics evacuate an ‘injured’ rally driver at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Training Institute in Naivasha yesterday during a simulation exercise to showcase the country’s preparedness ahead of World Rally Championship (WRC) slated for June 2021. Photo/PD/KIRERA MWITI

Preparations for the 2021 World Rally Championships (WRC) Safari Rally Kenya slated for June 24-27 are in top gear  with a beehive of activity at the Kenya Wildlife Training Institute in Naivasha.

The event’s Sport Organising Committee yesterday gave a sneak preview of its preparedness to run a world-class event following a simulation display on safety, medical and security.

The mid-morning function graced by top government officials led by Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed and WRC Promoter experts, the medical team headed by Raj Jutley, performed a complex extrication to “rescue” and offer emergency medical aid to an “injured” crew exercise using rally driver Asad Khan for the demonstration.

The team demonstrated on how to rescue an injured person from a car without causing further injury followed by emergency medical attention, and, if need, be how to transfer the patient to an air ambulance helicopter to the nearest hospital.

Later, the WRC Safari Rally safety team headed by Norris Ongalo, which will deploy over 1,000 marshals during the WRC Safari Rally to ensure the safety of spectators, also demonstrated the intricacies of cutting through metal to extricate an injured person using the latest technology cutting machines.

Finally, the WRC Safari Rally’s head of security, Julius Kabiru, showed Kenya’s preparedness by deploying officers from the paramilitary General Service Unit, regular and Administration Police who will be assisted by KWS rangers during the June 24-27 World Championship Safari Rally.

“We will not only secure the 1,000 kilometres covered by the rally, but also ensure you will be safe from the port of entry, throughout your stay and at the port of exit,” added Kabiru.

He said the security plan, which has been shared with top government officials, Todt and the FIA hierarchy has identified green areas of concern which include risk and threats management, operation readiness and continuous testing.

“Due to the magnitude and caliber of the event, we shall draw heavy multi-agency security deployment, and the government through the National Police Command in partnership with security agencies shall have a robust security plan to ensure security of the event, participants and the general public,” said Jabir.

The police helicopter was at standby for use by a fast rapid commando deployment unit.

“We have engaged a multi-disciplinary security deployment and have spared no effort in developing a bespoke solution for the WRC Safari Rally 2021,” said Jabir.

The WRC Promoter team of Iain Campbell and Joao Passes of Britain and Portugal, respectively, who have been in Kenya to check the route and other organizational aspects of the Safari, hailed the Kenyans efforts and were confident of the organizing team to deliver a world class event.

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