Nothing sweet in having multiple sweethearts

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 00:00 |

With Waithera Otieno

Men and women have multiple romantic relationships for various reasons. For some, it is a way of making their lives more exciting. Others find it easier to connect with several lovers instead of dealing with the emotional issues in their primary relationship. Others find themselves with multiple lovers because the opportunity presented itself.

Having multiple sexual partners can result in challenges that not only affect one’s health, but also their mental, emotional and financial state.

Having sex with more than one partner puts one at risk of sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and even HIV infection. This is especially true if the other sexual partners also have other sexual partners. It is important to get regular health checks with all the partners, and to use condoms every time one has sex.

The best emotional, physical and sexual health can be found in long-term relationships. Multiple romantic relationships tend to be superficial and short-lived. They put your emotional health at risk. This is especially true if you have to keep on lying and playing mind games to maintain all the relationships.

This may mean that even if you are connecting with all these exciting people, none of them is your true partner and confidant, and none of the relationships is based on trust, because the relationships are founded on deception.  People who have short term multiple relationships experience greater rates of depression and anxiety.

Having multiple partners can affect your financial resources negatively. You may also spend too much time entertaining each of the partners. Multiple partners mean that you may spend more resources on dates and other relationship related support expenses. You may also not have time to engage in self-development activities because you are so busy entertaining multiple partners.

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