Suspected serial killer Onyancha acquitted in murder case

Thursday, July 8th, 2021 11:23 |
Phillip Onyacha. PHOTO/COURTESY

The High court has this morning set free suspected serial killer Phillip Onyacha over the killing of Chepnegetich Misoi in 2008.

Trial Judge Jesse Lesit ruled that the police did not carry out proper investigations thereby acquitting Onyancha.

“All these are disheartening omissions the ones being failure to investigate a stain on the deceased door captured by the crime scene investigator, why would the police not follow this line of investigation? ” the judge posed.

Onyancha denied that he killed the deceased Jackline Chepng’etich Misoi as alleged by the prosecution.

While giving his defence via a sworn evidence, Onyancha told the trial judge that a woman he is accused of killing committed suicide in her house at Mount Kenya Building in Nairobi.

He told the trial judge that he was not involved in any manner in the murder of Chepng’etich on the night of May 29 and 30,2008 as alleged by the state.

However, Onyancha is not yet off the hook yet since he now has two other matters pending in court.

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