Suspect tells detectives how priest was killed

Friday, October 25th, 2019 05:50 |

 A second suspect in the murder of Catholic priest Michael Kyengo was arrested yesterday morning. 

Kavivya Mwangangi was arrested during a dawn operation by the detectives from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit in Wanguru, Kirinyaga county and upon grilling gave a detailed account of what transpired before and during the murder.

Police said Mwangangi narrated how he and the first suspect, Michael Mutunga, kidnaped the priest, tied his legs and hands before he slit  his throat.

“We managed to locate the shop where they bought the sack and rope. We have also established that they bought a spade which they were to use in burying the priest after killing,” a senior detective with the unit said.

The arrest came just hours before a Nairobi Court heard that burial of the priest would be delayed pending the release of DNA results by the Government Chemist.

The test was carried out after the priest’s relatives said they were not sure if the body which had been buried in a river bed in Embu belonged to him.

“After the recovery of the body suspected to be of Father Kyengo, it was taken to Machakos where a postmortem was done and the priest’s kin were unable to identify the body,” a Nairobi court heard yesterday.

Yesterday, Mutunga was arraigned before Milimani Law Court with the State seeking 14 more days to detain him to complete investigations in the matter.

“That the suspect is a person of interest in the disappearance and suspected murder of Father Kyengo. We urge the court to give us another 14 days since information that the suspect has availed on us has not been acted upon,” said the officer.

While seeking more time, the investigating officer in the case Julio Mutembei from Special Crimes Unit-Directorate of Criminal Investigations said that they would not be releasing the body for burial pending the DNA results.

“It would be premature to release the body of the priest before the DNA report analysis are out,” said the investigating officer.

The court was informed that the investigating agencies are yet to establish the scene of crime and other scenes, which are within several counties for purposes of recovering more exhibits. 

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