Surviving a break up during Corona pandemic

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 00:00 |
Surviving a break up.

Are you suffering from a heartache after a break-up? Some relationships have not survived quarantine, social distancing and other social changes that have arisen,  since Covid-19 became a health concern. 

A break-up now is, especially difficult because you may not be able to distract yourself with the usual social events.

Chances of meeting other interesting potential mates is a little more complicated than before.

This, combined with pandemic related challenges may seem like a double or a triple dose of grief.

Give yourself the love you need. Be kind to yourself.  Encourage yourself the way you would encourage a friend going through a break-up.

You will have all sorts of emotions, such as sadness, anger, confusion, guilt and hurt.

These emotions are more intense if you are the one who got rejected. Remember that these feelings are normal.

Don’t judge yourself for crying or feeling down. Process the emotions as they come to you. Try your best to use healthy coping activities. 

Instead of drinking a whole bottle to alcohol, consider sharing it if you are living with other adults.

You may skip the alcohol and engage in a new exercise regime that will not only leave you feeling better, but you may end up with a sexy revenge body a few months from now.

Rather than sleeping all day, give yourself or your house a make-over. Instead of going online to bitch about your ex endlessly, consider learning a new skill.

Rather than contacting your ex or getting into a rebound relationship, reach out to friends who uplift your spirits and build you up.

In fact, nothing fixes a heartbreak better than helping someone else. Distract yourself with activities that you enjoy, without putting yourself at risk of getting Covid-19.

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