Suppliers to schools demand Sh1.2 billion in pending bills

Thursday, July 9th, 2020 20:13 |
Samuel Muya one of the suppliers based in Murang'a County

Hundreds of suppliers who have been supplying commodities to the schools across the country are demanding Sh1.2 billion owed to them.

The suppliers said the closure of the learning institutions due to the corona pandemic dealt a big blow to them and they are in deep financial crisis.

Speaking in Murang'a, the suppliers led by their spokesman Samuel Muya said the debts have accrued since the beginning of the year when the schools were operational.

Muya said by the time the schools were closed most of the suppliers had not been paid for the commodities supplied to various institutions.

They include laboratory chemicals, detergents, furniture, stationery and food stuffs among others.

He appealed to the government to consider releasing some funds to the schools for them to be able to pay the dues.

"Most of the commodities we supply we get them on credit from the dealers and they are on our necks demanding we pay them" said Muya.

"Our businesses are also at very of collapsing because our the schools which are major clients are not operational" he added.

Josephine Wanjiku, another supplier claimed that they risk having their property auctioned by banks because they are no longer able to service the loans.

"We urge the government to come to our rescue and give us some funds to cushion us" she said.

Wanjiku said with the government's directive to have the schools open in January next year, things might get tough for them.

"If we have to wait until January for schools to open, most of us are likely to suffer" she said.

She proposed that if the government cannot channel the money through the schools it should set aside kitty to pay the suppliers.

"The biggest challenge we get with schools is the process that the government uses to release funds leading to the delay in payment" she added.

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