‘Sukuma wiki’ vendor in Kapsabet wins Sh15m Betika midweek jackpot from Sh15 stake

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 17:34 |
Iravonga Jiveri and her husband.

Iravonga Jiveri, a 41-year-old entrepreneur and her husband are the latest Betika midweek jackpot winners after bagging a Sh15 million windfall.

Iravonga who analyzed the games with her husband correctly predicted all the 15 games with a stake of Sh15 to take home the loot, and join the long list of Betika winners.

“My husband works as a brick maker and I sell vegetables in Mgoiywa village, we have six children with the oldest being in form three and the youngest in class two.

My husband has been betting from way back and I am still in awe knowing that our persistence has changed our family’s life with just Sh15,” said Iravonga, who lives with her family in their small house in Mgoiywa village.

“Neither of us have a smart phone, so we bet through SMS,” says Iravonga as she shows us her phone held together by cello tape.

“Life has been very tough for us, six children to feed, school and clothes has always been a challenge but God has answered our prayers,” said Iravonga with a hearty smile.

She added: “Every week we buy the games for Sh10 at a cyber cafe operator who download the matches from the Betika website and then sells to us.

My husband loves football, and I’m glad that the affection has finally paid off. We often analyze the games thoroughly and place different combinations.

This time, we placed nine combinations and spent Sh135, but one combination gave us all 15 games.”

Jiveri said she will always remember the moment she received the congratulations message from Betika and is saving the message to show it to her grandchildren in future.

The couple now plans to secure their family’s future by investing in proper education of their six children then investing the remaining money after receiving some much needed financial advice that was organized by the betting firm.

Speaking during the hand over, Betika’s Business Head, John Mbatiah expressed his delight at Iravonga’s win.

“It’s evident that a family that hustles together, reaps the benefits together. Persistence and precision is important.

Betika will offer the family the option of a partnership with a credible Financial Advisory firm who will offer both financial and legal advice on sensible use of the winnings.

We encourage all our customers to engage in responsible gaming as they continue enjoying the sports they love,” he said.

Betika’s midweek jackpot also offers attractive bonuses for punters who get between 12-14 correct game predictions.

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