Suicide attempt: Kindred fighting for life following botched suicide

Thursday, August 8th, 2019 00:00 |
Crime scene. Photo/Courtesy

Two relatives in love are fighting for their lives in Naivasha sub-county hospital following a  suicide attempt.

A man stabbed his female cousin with a knife before turning it on himself after their love affair, which had been going on for years, was busted and ordered stopped by the parents.

The man had travelled from Laikipia to Murungaru centre in Kinangop where he stabbed the woman after efforts to convince her they marry failed.

Superintendent in charge of Naivasha sub-county hospital Dr Angeline Ithondeka said the woman had suffered multiple wounds in her intestines.

She said the two had been taken to the theatre, adding that the woman was still in critical condition while the man was stable.

“Once we got the background information we informed the police who are waiting for the suspects to recover to take the necessary steps,” she said.

Ithondeka added that they had provided the man with a counsellor as he kept repeating that he did not want to live.

A family friend Amos Wahome, said  the two had been having an affair for years despite being related through blood and at one time the woman was pregnant but terminated the pregnancy.  “The man’s mother came to learn about the affair and warned them about it, the woman decided to back off,” he said.

“After arriving he tried to convince her leading to an argument, he then whipped out a knife and stabbed her on the stomach before trying to commit suicide by stabbing himself,” he said.

Critical condition

Murungaru Chief Joseph Kimani said the two had been taken to hospital in critical condition while bleeding profusely from the stomach.

He said the couple was well known in the area and had been living in Laikipia before the woman relocated to Murungaru where her parents live.

“There are all manner of allegations following the incident but police in Naivasha have taken over the case,” he said.

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