Subaru teases another wilderness model

Saturday, August 7th, 2021 00:00 |

How did you get your car?

I own a company called autotorque motors limited where we import cars and trucks for sale here and we also run a garage that deals in repairs of trucks and cars.

So,  this beauty came in as one of the imports, it caught my eyes and I could not help, but take it as my personal car.

I have been a lover of Subaru saloon cars since I was young, so choosing this one didn’t raise any doubt. It was an easy decision to make. 

Is this your first Subaru car?

Of course not. This is the third Subaru STI (Subaru Tecnica International) I have owned.

I have always loved working on them when they come stocked. This particular car was going at a good price in Japan, so I imported it and I liked how it looked.

Subaru never focuses on decorating their interiors, but this one is quite unique and the interior is out of this world.

There are a lot of other reasons, but the aforementioned were enough to convince me that this sports car was my perfect match. 

What was your feeling after being handed over the car keys and the logbook for the car?

Well, there is that extraordinary feeling that comes when you have just struck a deal and eventually become the owner of a car. 

The belief of possession of this car came to me when I was hitting the roads back to Nairobi from the Mombasa port.

I chose to drive alone and it was definitely an amazing experience with lots of fun.

From the time I start the ignition, the drive,  the road trips and the fact that it is is part of my life is just a breathtaking feeling. 

Subaru boys do not like going with a stocked car. Mention some of the key modifications you have done to it?

More upgrades have been done to the car. We fitted a brand new stage 2 rally spec engine block with Barton iron sleeves to make the engine block stronger (this alleviates the  STI engine block from blowing out), new crankshaft, King race bearings, forged pistons, Tomei head gasket, high-performance oil pump, for better flow we even upgraded the air intake with a high flow AEM air intake and it’s racing exhaust system from the turbo to the rear of the car. We also upgraded the turbo from a 6 blade to a 12 blade bigger turbo.

The brake disks were also altered and the car engine was also tuned at AMS tuning by Amit Pandya.

The car runs some good power of roughly 400 horsepower and has the anti-lag system installed for better turbo response when you want to really enjoy the ride. All these parts are imported inhouse at autotorque motors. 

What are some of the downsides of the car?

The only drawback is the maintenance cost. The more you spend the faster it becomes and the happier you feel. 

Saqeeb Faruk

Mechanical Engineer and businessman

Subaru Impreza STI 2011

Engine Description: 

Turbocharged 2500cc EJ25 petrol engine

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