Stylist Sally Minoo opens up on her love for fashion

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 00:00 |
Sally Minoo is a fashion and wardrobe stylist based in Nairobi.

Sally Minoo is a fashion and wardrobe stylist based in Nairobi. In 2018, she started Istyle, a wardrobe and styling company with the aim of providing styling services for events, shoots and for personal brands. She also serves great looks both in real life and virtually via her page titled the stylespirator. Nailantei Norari talks with her about her style and what makes her tick.

How did you get to be a stylist?

I have always loved fashion and knew that this was the path I would take from early on.

I wasn’t sure what exactly it was I wanted to do in fashion, so I tried out modelling and blogging. In between blogging and college, I stumbled upon styling.

I was blessed with the opportunity to intern for an amazing stylist called Robi Nai who taught me the ropes of the industry and through the internship with her, I ascertained that styling was what I wanted to do.

How do you define style?

Style is an individual thing. It looks different from person to person and can be anything from someone creating original looks to the person who is comfortable recreating the looks pinned from Pinterest.

All that is needed is an understanding on personal preferences and personal style that comes over time.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

It mainly comes from social media. I spend a lot of time online, so I consistently curate a space that will feed my creativity.

I follow a variety of people from all over the world to see what it is they are expressing through the content they put out.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is an avenue of self-expression. You dress up according to how you feel and the occasion you are attending while being cognizant of the fact that you will be judged by how you look.

Fashion is, therefore, intentional; as you should dress how you want to be addressed.

It is a tool that should be leveraged with power and skill. While most people hate fads, I personally don’t mind the fads despite their lack of longevity.

Fashion is cyclic and I believe fads and trends show us the stage of the cycle we are at.

What are you currently into?

My style at the moment is street. I’m 99 per cent of the time in sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt.

I however, always try to have one piece from my outfit pop. My style hasn’t significantly evolved over time because I can still remember rocking tees, jeans and sneakers as a four-year-old. Fortunately, I can say I have always known what works for me.

Which Kenyan fashion brands do you like?

Nairobi is full of great talent and if I’m to list my favourite brands, I’ll need the whole paper to cover that.

At the moment I’m vibing with what Metamorphosized are putting out, The Native Woman is a magician with a needle, Wardrobe Banter stock up amazing and unique accessories and Rebac Kenya and La Elegant are great in top quality chic pieces for every occasion.

What is your best wardrobe buy ever?

My 1460 patent leather lace up Doc Martens boots. Those shoes always elevate my outfits no matter the season or occasion.

What is your fashion pet peeve?

Wedges! In Cardi B’s voice, “What was the reason? Why were they invented?

What can’t you leave the house without?

In the age of coronavirus, it’s definitely a mask. Also, my earphones and lip balm.

I have curated various playlists to get me through various tasks throughout the day, plus we can’t be moving around with chapped lips; hiyo ni krimino!

Who are your style icons?

Nairobi peeps are very stylish hence it is not easy to pick just a few. But locally, Brian Msafiri is killing the looks on the gents’ end.

Joy Kendi’s looks are also always on point. Internationally, I really like Rihanna. Stylist Lethabo Maboi from South Africa is also a brilliant mind.

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