Study shows millennials are not interested in 8-to-5 work schedule

Monday, September 30th, 2019 00:00 |
Millennials are not interested in 8-to-5 work schedule.

“Report to work at 8am? Not me!”A research done by BrighterMonday shows that millennials are not interested in inflexible companies.

The 8-to-5 work schedule will not work for this generation that values work-life balance, are experts in digital communication and crave loyalty and stability, all which need to be put into perspective by employers in order for them to deliver in their roles.

According to the study millennials require flexible work hours. Employers have been tipped to create ideal workplace environments to retain and tap the potential of millennials. 

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 “It is critical for companies to understand that millennials behave differently and need different types of solutions to stay engaged at work,” BrighterMonday chief executive Emmanuel Mutuma said.

Mutuma said the ability to attract and retain millennials will depend on how they are treated. Employers interested in hiring them must also be aware that they are influenced by a broad spectrum of factors.

“Some of the key issues that the millennials consider critical in work place include work culture, flexibility in their work environment, diversity, trading and development and availability of tools,” said Mutuma.

He said millennials have too much information that make them ‘know what they want’ and therefore it is not easy to treat them the way the older generations in offices were treated. 

Michael Muraya, a tech expert at Ogilvy says keeping millennials productive is not a one-size-fits-all and therefore, employers must have a tailor-made employee-centred practices in order to get the best out of them. 

“By comprehensively creating and empowering diverse audiences while emphasising an innovative flexible working culture, the millennials will be able to work effectively as well as be productive,” said Muraya.

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