Strategies for moving up the corporate ladder

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Samson Osero

Promotions are sometimes a thorny issue that could pit potential candidates against the employer, especially when unfairness is sensed.

Each organisation has over time developed unique regulations, which govern promotion decisions. 

Some single out an employee’s seniority-based on entry into the organisation regardless of their performance track record. 

Others have been accused of using opaque factors and processes to determine who gets promoted. 

Progressive organisations have, however, developed schemes of service that clearly outline the education, training, competence and experience required for each employment rank.

Here are tips on how to increase your chances of climbing the corporate ladder in a fairly competitive work environment.

Acquire expected competencies

Once some people get employed, they enter into a cocoon of comfort without setting goals on career advancement and professional growth.

Moving to the next job group becomes a matter of waiting for mother luck to shower one with good tidings.

When one aims at future promotions, he or she should begin acquiring the required competencies for the eyed positions.

People feel bitter when they disqualify themselves for internally advertised positions on grounds of not meeting the requirements yet they never prepared themselves to assume such roles. 

Catch seniors’ eyes

To stand out from other employees, one should both undertake each assigned work with diligence and complete it to meet expectations.

In the case of falling below the expectations, it is advisable for one to appreciate the positive feedback and promise to embark on specified improvements.

Management has soft spots for employees who provide solutions to problems. Workable solutions contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

Employees should be aware of those goals and relate their daily work inputs to achieving them if they aspire for recognition and listing for the next promotions.

Improve communication skills

Whichever position one is gunning for in an organisation hierarchy, oral and communication skills are given prerequisites.

They need to be on the list of wanted attributes because without them upward mobility will be a mirage.

Opportunities arise time and again where one can showcase their writing skills.

Employees that seize such opportunities provide unspoken evidence that they have what it takes to climb on the corporate ladder.

Understand the firm’s  priorities

Unlike in yesteryears when economies were stable, nowadays economic turbulences are forcing organisations to produce more with fewer inputs.

Employees that identify and work towards meeting organisation priorities will endear themselves to bosses charged with the responsibility to enhance productivity.

Bosses will want to promote staff members who are able to notice business trends and propose suitable responses to accommodate them.

Develop a personal brand

The mention of the word brand makes people to quickly jump into thinking of likeable products that have gained a reputation for satisfying their intended purpose(s). A brand is about making and fulfilling a promise to delight the other party.

At work, one’s personal brand will consist of an individual’s personality, style of working relationships and level of reliability, among others. High scores on these attributes will be considered for promotion jobs. Samson Osero, HRD Consultant, [email protected]

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