Stop giving the youth handouts – Ngilu fires at Ruto, accuses DP of terrible leadership

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 06:25 |
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.Photo/courtesy.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has accused Deputy President William Ruto of dishing handouts to the youth instead of fostering development.

Ngilu who was speaking during a live TV interview on Tuesday, June 22 also said the DP was a poor leader in a rejoinder to her opinion on Ruto's bottom-up approach in piecing up the Kenyan economy.

"Which area has Ruto gone to put people to work? I would like him to show us a farm he has set up for young people and show us how that is of value to the youth? That would be bottom up approach. But bottom up approach of giving people handouts is not a bottom-up approach to development. If you are the leader who gives people handouts then you are the worst leader," Ngilu said.

"And let him come and teach young people how to do something for themselves not to give them money so that they think he is doing a good job. That is a terrible thing for a leader to do," the governor added.

Ngilu went on to say that she worked with Ruto in government and claimed that the DP: "doesn't understand the language of helping people do something, to use their hands to make sure they can produce and conclude projects."

In her bare knuckled criticism of the DP, Ngilu further accused Ruto of abandoning the Jubilee's government agenda and setting out to concentrate on his own interests.

"He has been the DP for the past nine years, which project has he concluded? The president said for the first time he has been able to do his work. And we can see he is working alone. His deputy has decided not to support him to achieve things that they set out to achieve together. Which of the projects have we seen Ruto go to inspect on food? On water?" Ngilu claimed. 

"We know that he has been part and parcel of people who have been importing everything in the country, he is a very poor leader," the governor added.

Ngilu however noted that she wasn't propagating an anti-Ruto campaign when tasked to explain remarks she made during the burial of former MP Kalembe Ndile.

"It's not anti-Ruto. Kenyans must seek good leaders who appreciate their needs, someone who can understand the poverty levels within our counties, villages and give the people an agenda of how to relive them from poverty," Ngilu said.

During the burial ceremony of the late MP, Ngilu implored ODM chief Raila Odinga and his Wiper counterpart Kalonzo Musyoka to work together lest they lose to DP Ruto come 2022 general elections.

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