Stop demonising hustler v dynasty narrative

Sunday, February 14th, 2021 19:55 |
Kabete MP Githua Wamacukuru at a past event

Kabete Member of Parliament (MP) Githua Wamacukuru has urged politicians allied to the Kieleweke political divide to stop demonizing the 'hustler versus dynasty' narrative.

He said no one should misinterpret the narrative as a possible cause of division between the rich and the poor Kenyans adding that the same would be running away from reality.

"It is very narrow to hear even people who have gradually used their hustles to build their own empires claiming that the debate is a ploy to divide Kenyans along economic lines," he told PD.

Speaking just days after Deputy President William Ruto addressed a crowd at Wangige in his constituency, Githua said that the narrative has nothing to do with antagonizing those perceived as dynasties but is aimed at giving encouragement to 'Wanjiku' that there's hope in the future.

"Even the rich among us have a history. Personally, I had a humble background and today am the Kabete MP", he said.

He explained that the hustler nation is using a wheelbarrow to as an example to demonstrate to the youth that they should not wait to get white collar jobs and that given financial support and a conducive environment they can initiate income generating projects in their localities".

A section of leaders opposed to the narrative have persistently argued that the same is a threat to national unity with Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange recently urging the government to criminalize it.
They say that the narrative has since started radicalizing the unemployed youth and poisoned their mind and that unless stopped, it can plunge the country into a class war.

On Friday, while on a tour of Kiambu West, DP William Ruto said that the hustler nation movement has no room for division between the rich and the poor.

He said that the purported class war is a scheme by propagandists who can't be happy to see the common man becoming financially stable.

The DP said that his desire will be to see the issues affecting the common man particularly unemployment among the youth, most of them graduates addressed conclusively and be given equal opportunities and resources to make decent livings.

"Ours is to support the jobless so that they can start making a living. We want to have many enterprises in every rural set up and by doing that we shall build Kenya because taxes will be paid by all," he said.

He at the same time called upon the youth to say no to being used by unscrupulous leaders to disrupt meetings and cause chaos at the expense of their lives.

'There are people who have realized that we have better brains than them are paying and buying alcohol to the youth to go disrupt hustlers meetings do that it appears that hustlers are chaotic",
"If approached to do conduct such heinous acts, tell them to also bring their wives and children along so that they can lead be part of the chaos," he said.

He caused prolonged laughters when he asked the crowd who between him and the other 2022 presidential hopefuls they would support.

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