Stay in your lane, party leader lectures MP over Cabinet reshuffle remarks

Monday, June 15th, 2020 17:21 |

Stay in your lane, MP told over Cabinet talk

A Member of Parliament who was recently appointed to a key position in the august House got a tongue lashing from a powerful politician after he publicly claimed that a major Cabinet shake-up was in the offing.

The MP was embarrassed when the politician called him out, demanding to know who gave him authority to make announcements of such nature.

The humiliated legislator apologised profusely.

Ex-governor transfers property to dodge EACC

A former governor facing legal battles over alleged corruption has been transferring ownership of some of his property after learning that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission was planning to repossess them.

In the last one month, the politician has been transferring the property alleged to have been acquired using proceeds of corruption to family members and trusted friends to keep the “nosy” detectives at bay! How dare they plan to reap where they did not sow?

Lord of impunity? How official gets illicit perks

A boisterous engineer in central Kenya recently appointed to a senior position in a key ministry is the lord of impunity.

The man often invokes the name of the ministry Cabinet Secretary and PSs to get away with corrupt deals.

Street Talk eavesdropped on a conversation where his colleagues claimed he awards himself illegal allowances which uses the loot to entertain his girlfriends.

His wife recently threatened to storm his office after she learnt of his philandering ways and it took the intervention of his mother to save his marriage.

-Street Talk

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