State’s Sh200m kitty for people with disabilities

Friday, May 29th, 2020 00:00 |
Labour Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick ole Ntutu says the government has set aside a Sh200 million kitty to cushion persons with disabilities from effects of Covid-19. Photo/PD/FILE

Hillary Mageka  @hillarymageka

The government has set aside Sh200 million to cushion 33,333 persons living with disabilities against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

This will be through a short-term cash transfer of three months from June to August, 2020.

Appearing before the Senate ad-hoc committee on Covid-19, Labour Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Patrick Ole Ntutu said each beneficiary would be entitled to receive Sh2,000 per month for the period.

“Priority will be given to households with multiple vulnerabilities,” he said.

The registration exercise is expected to run for a week commencing on May 31, 2020, with payment expected to be done during the third week of June, 2020, after verification of the data collected.

“Registration will be done at the community level and will involve a multi-agency approach including officers from the State Department for Social Protection, Ministry of Interior and Disabled Persons Organisations,” he added.

The execution

Ntutu disclosed the coordination of stakeholders shall be through the Inter Agency Disability Coordinating Committee., which comprises of various disability persons organisations.

For those who had the exemption certificate and had expired, the CAS said the certificate would be renewed without vetting for six months, vetting will be carried out thereafter.

He also revealed that an allocation of Sh110m for payment of 2,767 households in the Inua Jamii Programme, but without Inua Jamii Accounts who have missed payment from September 2018 to April 2020 had been verified and were eligible for payment.

He said, “They are entitled to receive Sh40,000 owed, which will be done through Mobile Money platforms.”

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