State told to integrate policies in bid to boost entrepreneurship

Friday, May 7th, 2021 00:00 |

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Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi said women must be mainstreamed into policy formulation and implementation at all levels.

Mudavadi said women are critical in making vital business decisions, given the level of input they give to the country right from the grassroots.

“The first step we must push at all times is that women be part of formulation and implementation of policies at all levels. This is critical so that their concerns can be mainstreamed from the beginning to the end,” said Mudavadi.

“This must be a serious position that we shall all take and I can assure you that will be my road to ensure we are working with women at all levels in making critical decisions,” he added.

Mudavadi, who spoke yesterday in a virtual meeting themed ‘Future of Women in Business’ also attended by women business leaders, insisted on the need to redefine existing business policies to benefit all groups of people.

“We need to redefine our policies. We should not have policies that end up becoming an obstruction rather than act as regulations – especially the implementation part of Government policies should be streamlined, not just having good polices that lie on paper,” he said.

He said the biggest mistake the country has made for the longest time, and especially among policy makers, is the art of loading down to the people and little listening for feedback.

“Going forward my priority is to fix the economy. I do not intend to deviate from that because where we sit now we must find solutions and hope for Kenyans,” said Mudavadi.

Pending bills

He said businesses must be allowed to grow so that savings can be made, because no country can grow without savings.

He noted that Government expenditure programmes are a hindrance to businesses while pending bills are a thorn in the flesh and have a spiral effect when people are not paid, since the knockdown effect is immense.

As much as taxation is necessary, Mudavadi said it should neither be punitive nor an obstacle for doing business.

He also called for the need to review the country’s tax policy to make it friendlier, which will lead to more compliance from taxpayers.

“Good taxation is one that is simple, fair and well spread out so that the burden is not too heavy on any single individual,” he said.

Public Service Chief Administrative Secretary Beatrice Elachi, who attended the virtual meeting, echoed similar sentiments, saying regulations must be moderate to support businesses.

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