State targets 27 million in Covid jab by end of 2022

Thursday, November 11th, 2021 00:00 |
Residents queue to register in order to receive Covid-19 vaccine, during a mass vaccination drive. Photo/PD/file

The government is well on course to vaccinate 27 million Kenyans by the end of next year.

This, after a Kenyan company won the tender to manufacture 50 million syringes to be used in administering the second Pfizer vaccine jab.

Covid-19 vaccine deployment Task Force chairman, Dr Willis Akhwale hailed the move to award the Kilifi-based firm the tender to manufacture the syringes, saying it will go a long way in boosting the government’s capacity to administer the life saving jab.

 “For Kenya, this is good news, not only for Covid-19, but also for other illnesses,” he noted.

The Kilifi-based firm has been contracted by the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF-India) to supply 50 million pieces of the 2ml vaccine syringes. This comes as jitters rise on the possibility the world may experience a shortage of syringes in the coming days.

Revital Healthcare EPZ Ltd in Kikambala, Kilifi County won the tender worth Sh150 million after a competitive bid with other global syringe manufacturers.

 “They have identified the 2ml because of the low dead space on the syringe so they can utilize the entire vial for the dosage of the patients,” said Revital Healthcare sales, marketing and product development director Roneek Vora.

The company produces for UNICEF which then supplies to some Asian nations such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Uganda in Africa.

Kenya experienced a two-week delay in administering the Pfizer vaccine doses following a shipment wait for the special syringes.

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