State releases Sh4.4b for cash transfer programme

Monday, January 20th, 2020 21:07 |
Social Protection PS Nelson Marwa. Photo/PD/FILE

The government has released Sh4.4 billion to pay beneficiaries enrolled in the cash transfer programme.

The money, channelled through the Ministry of Labour, will be paid out to 1,094,045 cash transfer beneficiaries starting today. 

Those to receive the monies will be beneficiaries who successfully opened bank accounts for the three programmes under the Consolidated Cash Transfer Programme (CCTP) and were successfully submitted to Consolidated Cash Transfer Management Information System (CCTPMIS) by December 31.

Under the November-December 2019 payment cycle, a total of 295,307 beneficiaries enrolled in the orphans and vulnerable children cash transfer programme will receive Sh1.2 billion and another 764,644 beneficiaries enlisted under the older persons cash transfer programme will be paid Sh3 billion.

Categories listed

Similarly, 34,094 beneficiaries enrolled under the persons with severe disability cash transfer programme will receive Sh136.4 million.

“Beneficiaries or caregivers can access the payment at any time over the next six months. Each of the beneficiaries will receive Sh4,000 to cover the November-December 2019 payment cycle.

A beneficiary is allowed to withdraw all or a part of this amount at any time during the six month period,” read a statement from the Ministry of Labour.

Social Protection PS Nelson Marwa said beneficiaries or caregivers are required to produce their Inua Jamii payment cards and Identity Card to receive the payments but those going for payment for the first time must transact biometrically.

He said the system has been vetted to ensure only genuine members are benefitting under the scheme.

Ministry reforms

“The ministry has undertaken various reforms towards ensuring efficient and effective service delivery to beneficiaries.

In the new payment model, beneficiaries and caregivers can access their funds within six months after the money is credited to their accounts,” said Marwa.

The ministry urged beneficiaries to operate a bank account where they can easily withdraw their stipend from widely distributed outlets or pay point’s countrywide.

The account-based model, said the ministry, allows beneficiaries to make their own savings into the account.  Beneficiaries are entitled to two free withdrawals per payment cycle.

Beneficiaries have the opportunity after every one year to change from one payment service provider to another if they so wish.

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