State raises Ksh4 million fine from illicit brew in Kisii

Monday, September 20th, 2021 11:06 |

The government generated more than Ksh4 million through court fines from dealers of illicit brew between May and September in Kisii county, area Police Commander, Francis Kooli has revealed.

He said the fines were slapped on the brewers of chang’aa and busaa out of the 752 cases filed in courts, adding security officers have intensified the war on the brews.

Security officers and chiefs noted the police boss arrested the brewers and impounded 3,052 litres of chang’aa, 4,331 litres of kangara, used to make chang’aa and 403 litres of busaa.

“The high amount of the brew netted by officers at various homes show that the illegal business is rampant in the county,” Kooli told People Daily Digital at his office on Monday.

Kisii Sub-county had the highest amount of chang’aa, 1,186 and 1,226 litres of kangara while Nyamache sub-county had 456 litres of changa’aa and 680 litres of kangara respectively.

He warned brewers to stop the illegal business and venture into others to eke a living to avoid conflict with law enforcers, stressing police officers will continue arresting and arraigning them till they stop.

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