Squabbles in top party over senator arrest

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 17:29 |

Squabbles in top party over senator arrest

A row erupted on Monday at a meeting of a political party attended by a top politician in the country.

Confusion came after the party was unable to make a decision as whether to send a team of lawyers to represent a senator arrested on Monday morning during the revenue sharing formulae.

Torn between supporting amendments in Senate and maintain friends in Opposition, the party leader left other leaders guessing on what his stand on the matter.

Legislator demands to decide on party status

Still on the controversial Senate revenue debate, an elected leader known for strong views on matters parliamentary is said to have infuriated one of the leading politicians in the country after the latter hung up the phone.

In a very rare move, the legislator asked the party leader to let him make an informed choice on the revenue sharing debate and the future of their coalition.

Sale of land set to cause waves in government

The fate of a controversial sale of land to a tertiary institution is slowly making its way back after officials at Treasury triggered a move to start paying the remainder.

The balance that runs into millions of shillings has been lying idle at the pay office and with leading technocrats having approved it, it will be another round of noise and accusations cutting through the Executive, Parliament and judiciary.


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